Cyfe – All in One Dashboard for Business

Cyfe the All in One Dashboard

As I manage multiple websites and social media accounts for several clients I find myself logging in and out of multiple websites to collect and monitor data on a daily and weekly basis. Since I’ve been doing this for many years I have developed my own style and a hodgepodge of systems of collecting,  interpreting […]

Facebook Tips – Keeping the Noise to a Minimum


Facebook has become one gigantic part of our lives both on personal and professional levels.  Billions of users log in and connect and engage with families, friends, and colleagues. With all these conversations going on we sometimes lose site of the fact that we are at the whim of Facebook’s updates. Sometimes we don’t know even […]

My Top 5 Content Curation Tools


Let’s face it, you only have so much time in the day to write quality blog posts – a blog post that is relevant and useful to your audience.  This year, one of my goals was to provide my readers more quality posts throughout the weeks and months ahead.  My specific goal is three times […]

Twitter Tools for Your Business

saved Twitter searches

In this post I share some of the great Twitter tools available for your business to better grow and monitor your brand and competitors, as well as finding potential and existing customers and engaging with them. Twitter Trends Map ( provides real-time global and local Twitter trends displayed on a map for free. Other features […]