Business of Security Podcast – Exceeding Expectations

In this episode I’ll answer an email from a podcast listener, we’re I’m heading to this week and why, and share my thoughts on exceeding expectations. First up the email a received last week from Chris Kirkland: If you have any questions about marketing, social media, website design or comments about the podcast please send … Read more

business of security podcast twitter-tips-and-tools

Business of Security Podcast – Twitter Tips and Tools for Your Business

On to the main topic of Twitter tips and tools. It’s still amazing to me that I can connect and engage with folks I don’t know from Adam, and chat about subjects that I am passionate about. Like social media, internet marketing and the security industry. I think that Twitter is misunderstood and has received this … Read more

Ten Steps to Branding and Social Media Marketing Success

When I was creating notes for this podcast and planning out these steps, I got curious as to what others would say so I asked “What would be the first step to branding and social media marketing success?” in Google + community Social Media Professionals and on a LinkedIn post by Joe Pulizzi who was sharing “Why Most … Read more