Learn How to Use Social Media Effectively to Build a Brand and Market You and Your Security Business

Social Media Basics for Protection Professionals Course

Security professionals have to do more than just “be on” social media networks to grow their business and enhance their brand. There are so many ways that Social Media can be used as a tool for significant business growth. There is more to social media than casually chatting with friends and sharing memes.

You can’t just “get on social media” and expect that potential clients, networking, and business partnering opportunities to start happening. Like everything else in life, and especially in the security business, you have to work extra hard to succeed. The “if I build it, they will come” mentality does not work.

Instead, use social media to your advantage. Use it effectively to attain your business goals.

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing and business. It’s imperative that you understand how to use it effectively so your company can reach its goals! In this 3-hour course, we’ll cover how to harness the amazing power of social media for your business and make the most out of a platform that reaches billions around the world every day.

My goal is that when you complete the course, you will be motivated to take your social media efforts seriously and use social media as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Social media is only a waste of time if you’re using it to waste time.

What is in the course?

The 3-hour course is divided into six parts with an introductory course on Social Media.

  1. Before You Begin using Social Media
  2. Putting Your Plans into Action
  3. Begin Casting Your Net
  4. Overview of Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  5. Overview of Social Media Tools You May Want to Use
  6. The Importance of Social Media Metrics

What Others Are Saying About the Course

I took this course and I found it to be informative and full of easy to follow, easy to implement guidance that is truly effective. If you are interested in building your social media presence the right way, I highly recommend it.

Joe LaSorsa, LaSorsa & Associates

Stopping wasting your time and start growing your business.

Introductory Offer of $249 for 1 year of access