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The Power of a Website

I first began to understand web pages, creating web pages, and figuring out the HTML (the behind the scenes code) on a 9 in. Mac (color – all the rage) and using Netscape Navigator. The year was 1997. So I’ve been creating websites for a quite a while. As the years progressed so did the HTML. The coding behind the scenes has revolutionized what your website can do. Websites are no longer static brochure-ware but rather, rich, immersive, interactive websites that share valuable original content to a brand’s services and products. What hasn’t changed is giving you the ability to control your brand’s message – the why – why you do what you do, why is there a business, what is the business about, etc.

Your website is your rock, your anchor, your number one asset for your business. If you don’t put the time, energy and yes, money into creating, designing, and molding it into what you are all about and sharing valuable information with the community and market to the right people you are trying to reach, then you won’t be found.

Highly Recommend WordPress.org – self -hosted

I’m a big proponent of self-hosted WordPress. Self-hosted means that you or your hosting provider install WordPress on your domain. Most hosting providers have a simple to use interface that all you need to do is click a button and WordPress will install.  You can install WordPress to be your entire website or use it just for the blog.

The versatility of manipulating the style, easily creating content and extending your brand, setting up child themes, widgets, not to mention the plethora of free (and for pay) plugins and themes to keep your WordPress website fresh, unique to your brand, and somewhat protected, are just a few of the options for using self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress Design Pricing

If you would like a quote on a self-hosted WordPress website please feel free to contact me.