Why does your business need to be online?

This is the often asked question I get. Why do I need to be online and what’s the big deal with social media anyway?

Here is what the big deal is about:

  • If a potential client has a problem that needs solving, first stop is talking to a friend about the problem, who then will use the internet  to find out information about the recommendation.
  • In the security business, word of mouth is how you get hired. Social media is word of mouth on steroids.
  • Whether you like it or not everything about you is now out on the web.  Using social media effectively helps you control your message, protect your brand,  tell your story and share and market your services.
  • Your competitors are already on social media, have a website and are marketing their services.

Social Media Management

Are you a security business owner or protection services professional who just doesn’t understand this whole “social media” thing?  Do you need help creating and managing a Facebook page,  a Twitter account or all of your accounts ? Do you know where your customer or market base is? I can help.

In short, I assess where your protection services business is, and working with you, make a plan with achievable goals, to market your business through various online channels using several resources and tools. It starts with what I call the hub which is your business website, to the spokes, the social media channels.

WordPress Training

Do you want to create a web site but don’t have a clue where to start? Let’s chat. I have spent the last 15 years in the web industry and the last 4 years exclusively designing on the WordPress platform.  Don’t know a thing about WordPress? No problem – I’ll guide you through the steps to update and maintain your website in simple terms.


I’ve spoken at various executive protection conferences and  training programs on the business of security. Specifically I share the importance of developing and having a brand, how to market that brand, and tools with which you can manage that brand.  Additionally I’ve spoken on open intelligence tools, mostly free and how to effectively use them as an protection services professional. I’ve spoken in person and on Google Hangouts on Air.

  • Tony Scotti Driving Business of Protection 2 day seminar
  • Protective Security Council 2012
  • ICON Services Corporation


Whether you need to quickly get an answer to a question to advice on social media, website, or online marketing strategies for a Facebook group or page; SEO, Google authorship, etc.

If you are interested in hearing more about my services and how I can make the internet work for your business please give me a call 1-781-369-5185 or email at