How to Run PHP Code in WordPress  – 2016 Update

How to Run PHP Code in WordPress – 2016 Update

Back in 2011, I was tasked by a client to access the WordPress users database and display that data on a WordPress page. Having solved that issue I created a video showing others how to do the same. Surprisingly, so many of you viewed the video and asked quite a lot of questions. Recently, I … Read more

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

I’ve been working with self-hosted WordPress since 2010. At first it was just a free blog with WordPress.Com back in 2009 when I first started to blog. From there, it was a deep dive to self-hosting WordPress for my website and switching over existing client websites.

One of the lessons I learned early on is the importance of creating a child theme. A WordPress child theme is a the best way for you to modify your theme without your customizations getting overridden when there is a new update to the theme.

Setting Up a WordPress Website in 5 Simple Steps

The other day I took my dog over to the veterinarian and while there I got to chatting with the receptionist and I had mentioned that I do web design. She said she was interested in setting up a website for herself to start selling her flip flops that she makes, but had no idea where to start, let alone how to design a website. The truth is, these days you don’t need hire a web designer to have a website you can pretty easily do it yourself.