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By default, the WordPress Search feature displays published posts and pages in search results. Often when visitors are searching your website content, it is most likely a post rather than a page that piques their interest. In this quick tip article, I will show you an easy way to exclude pages from WordPress search results to make your search more focused for your visitors.

First off, there are numerous ways to accomplish the exclusion of a page from a search task. Some rather complicated to the uninitiated on the workings of WordPress, like adding a filter function to your functions.php file. Well, I like to keep things simple. Just like there is an “app for that” when it comes to your smartphone, there are plugins that will exclude pages from WordPress search.

The plugin I use is Search Exclude.

With this plugin, you can exclude pages (posts as well if needed) from the WordPress search results by checking off the corresponding checkbox on the page’s edit section.

The plugin supports quick and bulk edits.

Exclude pages using Quick edit function
Use the Bulk edit tool to exclude pages

On the plugin settings page you can also see the list of all the items that are hidden from search.

Search exclude plugin pages excluded list.

The question you may be wondering – does the plugin affect crawling and indexing by search engines? The answer is no. The only thing it does is hide selected posts/pages from your site search page. There is no altering of SEO indexing.

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