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How to Auto-Generate Mailchimp Tags with JotForm

A question I received in the comments of a YouTube video was – Can you create Mailchimp tags based on user selection in JotForm? The answer is Yes! Follow the steps below to add dynamic tagging to your form on JotForm.

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Create Your JotForm Form

Once you are logged in JotForm you have the option to either create a form or clone an existing form. In this case, I cloned an existing form. In the JotForm form builder select from the “Add Form Element button on the left to add in your form fields. For this example, I added a multiple-choice/checkbox field. The question for the checkbox field was “What is Your Favorite Color?” with 4 color choices. After you have selected and set up your fields you can also edit the look and format of your form by clicking on the blue Form Designer button. Once you are satisfied with your form, click on Settings from the top navigation.

Create Your JotForm form

Form Settings

There are several options under Form Settings. First, under the Emails tab, make sure that your email address is set to receive an email when someone completes the form. Second, set your “Thank You” page. You have two choices – either use the generic JotForm thank you or add a link to a separate thank you page.

Determine the appropriate settings for your JotForm form

Integrate Mailchimp with the Form

This is where the magic happens! JotForm has 10s to 100s of integrations. In this example, I am connecting Mailchimp with the form. Any JotForm integration is done on a per form basis. There isn’t any blanket integration. Search for Mailchimp and select it.


On the next screen, you’ll need to authenticate your Mailchimp account in order to create the integration. Click the green authenticate button to start the authentication process. You’ll need to log in to Mailchimp and accept the terms and conditions. The last part of the integration process is where you select the dynamic tagging.

integrate and authenticate your form with Mailchimp

Select the Dynamic Tagging Option

The last step in the authentication process is important. Here is where you select what Mailchimp audience list, groups, and tags to integrate with the form. In this example, I selected the Strategic Marketing Solutions audience list, and I did not opt for any group(s).

Select the dynamic tagging option

Select the Field for Dynamic Tagging

For the tags option, you have two choices – static and dynamic. Static tagging is any tag(s) that is already in Mailchimp that you can apply to the form. Anyone who fills out the form will have that tag(s) applied. Dynamic tagging is a tag that is generated on the fly based on a user’s selection. The next step is to select which field dynamic tagging will occur. In this example, I selected the checkbox field.

For example, if a person who fills out this form, selects the color blue, the auto-generated tag is blue.

Set the field for the dynamic tagging

Additional options during the authentication process

Additional options you have are what other form fields do you want to capture to add to your Mailchimp audience list. In this example, I only kept the default email address. Other options are Double opt-in which is useful if you want to verify the email address is real, and whether or not you want to update existing Mailchimp contact information. I recommend having that option selected.

Once your integration choices with the integration/authentication are set, click the Complete Integration button and click Finish. You can always go back and edit the options.

Publish the Form

The last step is to publish the form. From the top navigation, next to settings, click Publish. There are several options available for you to share your form.

If you need help with either JotForm, Mailchimp, or WordPress please ask in the comments below and I’ll help the best that I can.

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