MapD Tweet Map Demo

mapD – Visual Tweet Map

MapD’s Tweet Map is a free demo that uses GPU processing power (as opposed to CPU power) to display hundreds of millions of tweets on a map visually. This is big data at your fingertips – hundreds of millions of tweets displayed during a snapshot in real time. You can zoom all the way down to street level to view tweets, Instagram posts, and Foursquare checkins.

MapD also visualizes what devices people are using and you can filter the data by using search terms or hashtags.

One Million Tweet Map - Big Data at your fingertips

One Million Tweet Map – Big Data at Your Fingertips

Hi everyone in today’s video we’re going to be taking a look at the One Million Tweet Map. It maps the last geolocalized tweets delivered by the twitter stream API.The Map data is updated in real-time – YES – IN REAL-TIME – and it keeps “only” the last one million tweets on a global scale. Each second, about fifty new tweets are added (and the fifty oldest tweets are removed to keep the same number of points on the map). Why not higher amounts? They are limited by the Twitter stream but they could do much higher.

To put it matter-of-factly – this map deals with big data effortlessly.

Twilert - A Twitter Monitoring Tool

Twilert – A Twitter Monitoring Tool

Twilert sends you realtime email alerts when your brand names, keywords or hashtags are mentioned on Twitter. Using Twilert’s use of RSS, you can set up an If This, Then That (IFTTT) Applet to notify you or your team of specific tweets, hashtags, users, in a specific area. The use case for this would be while traveling or at a particular place for an extended period. For instance attending a conference or similar function. Using Twilert’s history of tweets matching your queries will allow you to monitor tweets over time of individuals for investigative purposes.