mapD – Visual Tweet Map

MapD’s Tweet Map is a free demo that uses GPU processing power (as opposed to CPU power) to display hundreds of millions of tweets on a map visually.

“MapD’s mission is to not just make queries faster, but to create a fluid and immersive data exploration experience that removes the disconnect between an analyst and their data. Whether harnessed to explore correlations or identify anomalies, we have built the MapD platform from the ground up to make extracting insight from data effortless and lightning fast.”

This is big data at your fingertips – hundreds of millions of tweets displayed during a snapshot in real time. You can zoom all the way down to street level to view tweets, Instagram posts, and Foursquare checkins.

MapD also visualizes what devices people are using and you can filter the data by using search terms or hashtags.

This is a great tool for marketers, social media managers, security professionals, and investigators.

I love this tool. I love playing around with the data. I love looking at how the different dynamics of the countries using specific devices. I love the fluidity of looking at this data, and how it just changes right on the fly as you’re zooming in and zooming out and moving around the world. Fantastic resource. I highly recommend checking out Tweet Map demo. You’ll go to town on all this data. It’s a fantastic resource.

Check out the MapD Tweet Map demo here:

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