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Facebook removed access to the Facebook Graph API and rendered this extension useless. I don’t have any workaround.

Advanced Facebook Search (AFS) is a Chrome extension that allows you to gather profile data from Facebook users and conduct a graph search with query inputs to find specific people.

I’ve been so frustrated with the default, organic Facebook Graph Search (the big search field at the top of Facebook). Whenever I do simple or complex searches the results would be “No One Found”.

I’ve had success with using complicated workarounds.

With AFS, however, the searching is simple and you get the results you are looking for. This tool can come in handy in a variety of circumstances from marketing and advertising to security and law enforcement investigations.

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To install the extension go to the Chrome Web Store, search for Advanced Facebook Search and click “Add to Chrome.”

Once installed you will see a blue triangle with a search icon on the right side of your browser window.

To use the extension you will need to connect a Facebook profile. It doesn’t have to be your Facebook profile, it can be anyone.

Once connected to your or another person’s profile you will notice buttons to view the data collected from that profile.

Advanced Facebook Search Chrome extension

There is an additional more advanced search option in the extension. You can input specific search terms such as gender, job title, relationship status, friendship status, and location. When your inputs are selected click search, the results will be displayed on Facebook.

advanced facebook search

Let me know what you think of this Chrome extension.

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Comments on Advanced Facebook Search

  1. Stefanie says:

    What do you do now that the advanced search option does not work anymore? Any suggestions?

    1. Larry Snow says:

      Hi Stefanie – Since FB shut down all access to the graph search API it’s not just AFS that doesn’t work. No graph search OSINT tool that I know of works anymore. I use the basic search that is on FB.

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