How to Add Twitter Feed into Your Website

In this video, I show you how to add a Twitter feed to your WordPress website using Twitter’s Publish tool.

I must tell you I had no idea that this Publish existed.

Instead, I was using the Widget Configurator tool to create a Twitter feed. This multi-step process was cumbersome. Publish on the other hand is super easy to use.

Watch the Video

Simply add what Twitter content you want to be embedded and in what format. In this example, I chose Embedded Timeline, but Publish offers a variety of toolsets including Twitter buttons, Grid, and Embedded Tweet.

The content that you add to your website can be anything from a Tweet to Likes, and Lists to Hashtags. The question you might ask is should I add Twitter content to my website. I find that adding an embedded timeline or tweets will engage your visitors to follow you on Twitter and join the conversation.

Try Publish yourself, go to and let me know what you think and if you’ll use it on your website.

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