Create a Facebook Shop with Woocommerce

Facebook for Woocommerce WordPress plugin allows you to seamlessly connect your Woocommerce store with your Facebook shop tab on your Facebook page.

Here are the steps involved:

Activate your shop tab on your Facebook page

On your Facebook page, you will see page tabs or navigation on the left side (desktop view). If you don’t already have the Shop tab you’ll need to add it manually. Go to your page Settings, click Edit Page, scrolling to the bottom you will see the tab options.

If you don’t see the Shop tab, click the Add a Tab button.

add Facebook shop tab

Click Add Tab next to the Shop. The Shop tab is now added to your Page’s Tab Menu. Click Shop, make sure the Tab is turned On. Take note of the direct URL to your shop. Go back to your Page, you should see the Shop tab added to the Tabs section at the bottom.

Setting Up Your Facebook Shop

Click on the Shop tab on your Page. A Set Up Your Shop dialog box will appear. Read the Merchant policies, click agree when ready, then click continue.

Set up your Facebook shop

Another dialog box will appear to select the checkout method for your shop. For the Facebook for Woocommerce plugin to work, select Check Out on Another Website.

In the final dialog box, you select your currency that you will use in your shop.

If all goes well you will be looking at an option to add products to your shop.

Add products to your Facebook shop

Download, install and activate the Facebook for Woocommerce free plugin on your WordPress website

Download the free Facebook for Woocommerce plugin from Woocommerce (you will need a WordPress account).  From your WordPress admin dashboard, click Add New under Plugins, choose the plugin zip file, click upload. WordPress will unpack the plugin and install it. Once installed, you’ll see a link to get started with the plugin. You can also find the settings under Woocommerce settings Integration tab.

Follow the steps to connect your Facebook shop and your Woocommerce store products

Click the Get Started button, a new window will open to walk you through the steps necessary to connect to the correct Facebook page and import all of your Woocommerce store products. Although your products will start to appear in the Facebook shop, it can take up to 24 hours to sync. During this time no one can purchase the products.

Create and install a Facebook pixel on your store for easily tracking your customers through Facebook insights / Ad manager

Helpful Hints

If you have a product in your store that you don’t want it to be displayed in the Facebook shop, you can select “Hide” from the products list on your store website. On your Facebook shop, those products will say “Not Published” and can only be seen by the Page admin.

To edit a product – change the price, out of stock, change sizes, etc. , edit the product on your Woocommerce store and click update when finished. You should see the changes appear in your Facebook shop.

To set up affiliate products, like Amazon, in Woocommerce, find out more here.

Comments on Create a Facebook Shop with Woocommerce

  1. Alvina says:

    Thanks for sharing this article but I am looking for a proper integration of store on Facebook. I have installed storeYa plugin but it is not redirecting to facebook. I am implementing the same steps that defined in this tutorial Can you help me to connect my store with facebook?

    1. Larry Snow says:

      Hi Alvina, I’m not familiar with StoreYa. If you would like me to help figure out the process I charge $150 per hour.

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