One Million Tweet Map – Big Data at Your Fingertips

Hi everyone in today’s video we’re going to be taking a look at the One Million Tweet Map.

It maps the last geolocalized tweets delivered by the Twitter stream API. The Map data updates in real-time – YES – IN REAL-TIME – and it keeps “only” the last one million tweets on a global scale.

Each second, about fifty new tweets are added (and the fifty oldest tweets are removed to keep the same number of points on the map). Why not higher amounts? There is a limit set by the Twitter stream but they could do much higher.

To put it matter-of-factly – this map deals with big data effortlessly.

Powering the One Million Tweet map is Maptimize, a geographical clustering engine for online maps to display and analyze big geolocalized data.

Features include:

  • Clusters of tweets with numerical value
  • Heat Map where you can pinpoint tweet hotbeds
  • Keyword filter
  • Hashtag filter
  • Time filter – from 5 minutes to 6 hours
  • Trending filter in a geographical area
  • View tweets in real time in a geographical area
  • Map reset button

How it Works

Simply enter and set your filters in a particular geolocation and click on the clusters in that area to start diving into the tweets. You have the ability to zoom right down to a particular neighborhood or street. After you have found your tweets, click on the numbered circle. A window will pop up with those tweets. In the pop up you can see the date and time of the tweet, who posted it, and the contents of the tweets including the ability to click on any links.

The One Million Tweet Map is a great resource for Corporate Security, Law Enforcement, Brand Protection Officers, Private Investigations, Social Media Intelligence, and Open Source Intelligence.

Let me know what you think of the One Million Tweet Map in the comments below! I highly recommend it.

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