Introduction to TrendsMap

TrendsMap provides real-time local Twitter trends that allows you to find what is trending on Twitter anywhere in the world.

TrendsMap is one of my go to tools for tracking and monitoring trending topics on Twitter.

Watch the video:

TrendsMap has four great features:

  • The Map itself that allows you to display trending hashtags, words, or users.
  • Analytics allows you to analyze trending topics with very detailed information
  • A visualizer tool that shows you a graphic representation of tweets over time
  • Alerts to notify you who is using certain hashtags or keywords

Who is TrendsMap for

  • Security Operations Center to monitor what’s going on in the world
  • Risk Management
  • Executive Protection professionals for advances and localized real-time monitoring.
  • Also great for investigators to monitor tweets and locations.

Check out Twitter TrendsMap at

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