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A member of the International Security Driver Association (of which I’m the president) sent us an email asking if it was possible to gift a membership to his teammates.

We thought, excellent idea! We use Wishlist Member for the membership management system and I immediately went to the task to determine if this was possible within Wishlist Member.

The Form Set Up

A remember seeing Gifts as a Wishlist Member plugin in the customer portal download section. I watched the tutorial and noticed it was from 2013. It looked simple enough, and I thought maybe it would still work with the new version of Wishlist Member. I proceeded to download and install the plugin. Yeah, no, definitely not going to work. However, using the tutorial for the plugin as inspiration, I logged in to JotForm.

JotForm is my go to resource for anything form related. It has a rich feature-set with hundreds of integrations.

The Gift Membership Form is basic and is broken down into three sections – “Gifter” information including a message to the recipient, Recipient information, and Payment details.

For the payment processor I used Stripe. You’ll need to connect Stripe with your account. Once connected, add your product type and cost information.

With the form portion completed, I turned my attention to the autoresponder emails. I used three – one email was sent to me as a notification, another to the “Gifter” and the recipient.

The “Gifter” email contains the information from the submitted form along with a contact email. The recipient email contains the “Gifter” name, message, and a link to register for the ISDA membership. Additionally, the form contains information about the ISDA and terms of the free membership.

The Wishlist Member Set Up

On the Wishlist Member side, I created a custom registration form for the Gift Membership. The form contained basic information with additional custom options for a member. Secondly, I created the Gift Membership level and adjusted the terms, after registration, after login settings, and connected it to the custom registration form.

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