Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy with MailerLite Popup Forms

In this video, I’ll show you how to use MailerLite Popup Forms on WordPress and will then send an automated email! MailerLite Popup Forms are feature-rich and are a great way to collect email addresses from your website users, and they’re easy to set up and use.

After watching this video, you’ll be able to set up your own MailerLite Popup Forms on WordPress, and you’ll be able to collect email addresses from your website users!

Getting Started

So to get started with MailerLite and WordPress, you should install the WordPress plugin for MailerLite. With the plugin installed, go to the plugin settings, and add your API Key from your MailerLite dashboard. Go to the Integrations, click on API, then click on use.

Generate an API Key

If you’ve never created an APIstraightforward’s very easy. You click on Generate New Token, and you’ll give it a name. I’m going to call it “”. Click on the I have read and understood the API token requirements and click on Create token. It’s going to generate a string of numbers and letters. Once you click X out of here, you will no longer have access to that number. So for security reasons, they cannot show it to you again. So make sure that you store it somewhere saved. I’m going to click on copy, and then I’m going to click on download. So now that I have it copied, I’m going to go back to my plugin settings and paste in the API key, and then click on update.

Create the Pop-Up Form

With the API connected, we can go back over to MailerLite and set up the second step in this process, the popup form. What we want to do is we’re going to have a popup form, and the name of the form is LS popup. Click on save and continue. Then you want to select a subscriber group. Now groups are similar to tags and MailChimp. I’ve created pop-up opt-ins for my group, and that’s the one that I want to use that will be connected to this form. Make sense? Click on continue. Now they’re going to give you a bunch of templates that you can use. I picked the simple signup, so I’m going to click on choose this one, and it will load. And this is how it’s going to look on your website.

For the rest of the steps involved in this automation process, watch the video below!

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