Social Media Is Just a Waste of Time

Flowchart on a chalk boardIt’s absolutely insanity to me that anyone can think that social media is a waste of time.  There are over a billion people on social media networks spending countless hours a week sharing, engaging, developing business leads, creating friendships, finding others that share your passion in whatever it is you do.
So then why do some people still feel and state that social media is a waste of time because they haven’t set goals or strategies in place to answer the why. Don’t just “get on social media” and expect that potential clients, networking and business partnering opportunities to start happening.  Like everything else in life, and especially in the executive protection business you have to work extra hard to succeed.  The “if I build it, they will come” mentality does not work.
Why are you on social media?
This is THE question to answer.  Whatever the answer is, becomes the base, the foundation of your goals.   Goals such as finding new clients, market and sell x amount of your services or products, find strategic partners, establish a successful customer service program, etc. For instance, my two goals for social media are 1) connect, engage, converse with likeminded social media pundits, 2) find clients in the executive protection and security companies. Now from there I have set strategies in place where I can obtain my goals.
So ask yourself what are your goals.  Write them down. Every time you sign into your accounts remind yourself of your goals.  What are you going to achieve today on social media?
How To Achieve Your Goals
To me, achieving your goals is about value. Value defined is a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged. To me that means what you put in to something you get out of it. Put simply, you input your time,  energy (sharing advice, knowledge, lessons learned, videos),  maybe some money, into making your goals happen through social media and you get  results or output of that input.
These goals are tied to your marketing plan, which is tied to your business plan. Goals allow you to measure how successful your business is doing on social media networks.
For example if your goal for Facebook was to obtain 5 new clients over a period of a year and you only attained 3 then you could say you didn’t reach your goal but you did have a moderate success rate towards that goal.
So let’s say you spend a good chunk of your day chatting on Facebook (input) about the best socks to wear on a detail, you should walk away with knowing the best socks to wear on a detail (output), or at least narrowed it down to a few selections. Is that information valuable?  Yeah I suppose it could be. Is the output helpful to your success and attaining your goals?
My point here is this: If your goals and aspirations are to make a decent living in the executive protection business and you spend a good chunk of time pontificating what watch to wear on a detail, then don’t complain that there is no value in social media and that it is a waste of your time because you haven’t gotten one like to your business page or haven’t “found” one client.
Instead use social media to your advantage.  Use it effectively to attain your goals.
Social media is only a waste of time if you’re using it to waste time.

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