Business of Security Podcast Episode 011 – Stagnant


Business of Security logoDefinition of Stagnant

Not advancing or developing – showing no activity; stale

For this podcast I’m going to talk about Stagnant in context of what I refer to as your digital platform – your website; and what I have seen as an over reliance on social media.

Stagnant Digital Platform

Is your website active? Is your website just a brochure on the web? When was the last time you put up new content? Updated an image? Shared a new testimonial from a client? Perhaps your website is poorly designed by relying on a friend to save a couple of bucks to design your website. When was the last time you put information on your website that is useful for your clients and visitors?

Does that describe your website?

As I have discussed in previous blog posts your website is the hub – the center of your business. You have a platform on the web so that potential clients and current customers can find you. With your website, you can control your brand – who you are, what you do, and what qualifies you to do it. Everything comes out of your controlled website and goes to the spokes – which are the social media networks.

Not only does it need to be updated with your brand elements but in this digital information age you cannot afford have a website without useful, valuable, information.

There is literally tons of information to be shared on your website. The world has gotten a lot smaller with social media tools giving access to information has it happens. This information need to be communicated to your clients. In a way that is understandable – how does it impact their business or their lives.

Guy Kawasaki, a former evangelist at Apple, shared at a recent webinar that there are three forms of value: information, analysis, and assistance. – Information is defined as what just happened. It’s the important things you should know about. Analysis explains the information. Assistance explains how your company can help clients avoid dangerous situations. These types of value should be unique to you and your brand and should have a positive influence. – Examples of value might be: industry news; how you solved a problem; your perspectives on a particular product or service; a safety checklist; or a how-to on a new product or service.

In addition to sharing valuable, practical information with your clients, customers and visitors to your website, you should also be sharing the information to your peers and colleagues through social media networks. It also puts your competitors on notice that you are serious about what you do.

Due to over reliance on social media

Social media is a great tool if used effectively. Not sharing useful information and lurking in Facebook and LinkedIn groups is not effective.

Stop waiting for a nugget to sink your teeth into. If you are only in a few groups or following a few pages and people start making a wider information source. You cannot afford to be idle on social media – be active and proactive.

You must speak even if it is controversial. Always be respectful and not combative  but ask questions to the group

Also please don’t blindly accept what is shared on social media. as the gospel. Just like a doctor’s diagnosis always get two or three other trusted people’s opinions on the matter.

If  a group or in the larger context, social media, is not helping you get you or your business to the next level – don’t linger; leave the group, start a new one, join others.

You’ve really got to hustle. No one promised you a free ticket to a job.  EP/bodyguard industry is probably one of the most difficult to get a FULL TIME position with benefits.

Starting new on social media or in EP – no one knows who you are.

Start tweeting out a link to your resume to companies.

Start marketing your services and products to the people who need them NOT  to the people who are in the same boat as you.

The way I look at social media – ask not what your social media network can do for you, but what you can and should be doing on the social media network. A little cheesy I know, but I wanted to dispel the belief that some businesses seem to be clinging to – i.e. -> “Twitter doesn’t work for me. I just can’t seem to get any sales.”

It’s not at all about you, it’s about providing value.


Lastly I’d like to share 10 Things You Need To Stop and Start Doing By Scott Williams

– Stop focusing on what people think about you and start focusing on what God thinks about you.

– Stop majoring in the minors and start majoring in the majors.

– Stop making excuses about why you can’t make it happen and start making it happen.

– Stop settling and start demanding. – Stop pointing out the negatives and start pointing out the positives.

– Stop putting things of until tomorrow and start doing them today.

– Stop looking in the mirror and saying I can’t and start looking in the mirror and saying I can.

– Stop looking backwards and start looking forwards.

– Stop being fearful and start being fearless.

– Stop believing the worst and start believing the best.

– Stop it, Stop it, Stop it…

Thanks for listening to this podcast episode.  If you need an active, useful website or are totally lost when it comes to social media and how it can really help your business please give me a call at 1781-369-5185 or email me at [email protected]

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