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Mailchimp Landing Page connected to Customer Journey

Last Fall, I created a video that showed how to use the Mailchimp landing page as a lead magnet. Once someone completes the form, a tag is added to their contact information. The tag then triggers 1-step automation that sends the giveaway. Since then, I’ve received lots of comments on Mailchimp in general and customer journeys. Those comments inspired me to create another video – a Mailchimp landing page that leads into a Customer Journey.

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JotForm Dynamic Tagging

Add Dynamic Tags to Mailchimp with JotForm

A question I received in the comments of a YouTube video was – Can you create Mailchimp tags based on user selection in JotForm? The answer is Yes! Follow the steps below to add dynamic tagging to your form on JotForm.

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Exclude Pages from WordPress Search

By default, the WordPress Search feature displays published posts and pages in search results. Often when users are searching your website content, it is most likely a post rather than a page. In this quick tip article, I will show you an easy way to exclude pages from WordPress search results to make your search more focused.

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Mailchimp Customer Journey

What does the Mailchimp Customer Journey mean versus a classic automation? Well, the journeys are exactly what the name says. It’s a visual roadmap that allows you to plan out the journey you want your subscribers to take. I walk you through some of the basic set up features of a Mailchimp Customer Journey. It’s going to be a lot of fun. So let’s get started.

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