Changes to Facebook Group Invites

Facebook group members are concerned over recent changes to Group Invites. Most of the concern is from erroneous reports from media outlets and blog posts.

Previously, Facebook group members could automatically invite their friends to be a member of a group. That member would automatically be added, unless there was admin approval, to the group without having to accept the invitation. Most of these users were not notified as friends could mute the invitation notification.

That process is changing, going forward, Facebook members have the option to accept or decline a group invitation before becoming a member of that group.

Facebook is notifying group administrators the following:

The Facebook update also affects existing group members who previously were invited to join a group by a friend (and thus automatically became a member) but never visited the group. These auto-added members will be put in an Invite Section in the group admin dashboard. The admin or moderators of the group can then re-invite these users properly. Once the user gets the notification, they can then opt-in/out (accept or reject) the invite to the group.

Group member invites

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