Content Ideas for Your Security Business

When I meet a client for the first time, one of the questions I ask is “Are your producing and sharing any content for your audience?” The answer more often or not is “I should be doing more but…[insert excuses].
Excuses like:

  • “I don’t know what to write”,
  • “my grammar sucks”,
  • “I’m a terrible writer”, or
  • “I don’t have time.”

There are no excuses for creating content that is valuable, useful, and inspiring. It is a must for every security business owner, and protective services professional.

Your content doesn’t have to be:

  • War and Peace, especially when the focused attention span is about 8 seconds, most “readers” skim and scan.
  • Perfect. There are many free spell checking and grammar tools available or pay a few bucks to a good copy editor
  •  Written.  It could be video, audio, infographic, or images.

However, your content must be authentic – in your voice and with personality.
I suppose a few of you at this point are asking yourself  “Why do I, as a security professional, need to create content?”
Content enables you to:

  • Share your knowledge
  • Share your brand
  • Bring new customers and clients to your website.
  • Be “top of mind”. Your brand, services, and products will be thought of first in customers’ minds when thinking of the security industry.
  • Connect with other industry leaders

These are just a few reasons to create valuable content.
Below I offer a few different content ideas and suggestions to help you get started with creating content.


I’ll start off with just regular, ordinary everyday tips. Whether you are a painter, a woodworker, car washer or whatever business you’re in you always have these tips, these little nuggets that only you know about and would be great to share with customers or visitors of your website. It doesn’t have to be long, it could be short and sweet.
The Tips content could be a video, a podcast or it could be in the written form. Maybe even something as simple as sharing a photograph. Photographs tell a story. You can do a nice photograph with just a paragraph or a few simple words depicting what’s going on the photograph. Simple information about the photograph  – when was taken, why it was taken, why is it important that you’re sharing it with everybody, what’s the meaning behind the picture.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are pretty easy to do. Talk about it, talk about why it’s interesting, why did you even start to think about reading it and if you have read it, just do a simple, what was it all about? Why is it useful? What did you get out of it? Now that will be useful for your customers and visitors. You can do this with Apps as well.


Interviews with a person in your industry, in your niche or market. Prepare questions ahead of the interview. The interview can be done in various formats – video, podcast, or send the questions to the interviewee and have him send back his answers.  Copy/Paste and you have a blog post that is useful and valuable to your audience.

Top Ten and Do’s and Don’ts Lists

How about the do’s and don’ts list or a top ten list. Examples – The top things that you have to look out for when you are driving down the street. What are the top ten TV shows have you watched? Whatever you come up with make sure it’s focused on your audience.


Share or create your own video.  300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and consumption is increasing 50% year over year.  Search YouTube to share a video.  Set up the video with a short introduction.


Every good security practitioner has a wide variety of checklists.  Share one or two with your audience.


Upload your PowerPoint or VisMe slides to Slideshare and share the content. Pro tip: Record your voice as you go through the slide-deck and upload that to Slideshare or YouTube.

Q&A sessions

Your audience, clients, and customers ask you questions through social media or email, and you supply the answers.

Email Newsletters

One of the best ways to keep connected with your audience, clients, customers, and potential customers is through email. Use a service like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Aweber.
What are your content ideas? Post in the comments below.

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