Create an Audiogram for Instagram

Have you ever wondered how to create an audiogram for Instagram?

Something like this?

be smart on social - audiogram for instagram

The best way I know how to create an audiogram for Instagram is with an app called Headliner. With a free account, you’ve got minimum features, but the most significant you have available is the audiogram feature.

You can create up to 10 minutes of audio for your audiogram. You’ll have to go to a paid account if you need more than 10 minutes of time for your audiogram for your audio.

The manual audiogram option is where the magic happens.

Click on Manual audiograms, then click the blue option – audio up to 10 minutes. Next, upload your audio. You’ll see your audio wave, with blue handlebars on each end. You’ll need to select what portion of the audio you want to share on social media. You have your track information along the bottom of the audio track, such as start and finish time and length.


So once you have your audio selection, you can turn on captions if you want. So if you just turn those on, it’s going to ask you what language, and because of the free account, you only have six minutes per month for a caption.

Aspect Ratio

Clicking next, you decide what aspect ratio you want for your audiogram. Your options are 16:9 for Youtube and websites, Square for Instagram Feed, and Rectangle or 9:16 for Reels or Stories.


Now comes the all-important design of your audiogram. You can add a waveform, text, and images. In my example above, I used Canva. Canva is a freemium design tool that I use as my go-to resource. Canva connects directly with Headliner. Simply enter your username and password, create your awesome design, and click publish. The Headliner app will bring in the image. The only downside to using this option is that your Canva project is not saved in your Canva account.


The last item is to click the Publish button. At this point, you have successfully created your Audiogram! The Headliner app will supply you with several options to share the audiogram on various social media platforms.

In my demo, it took me just a few minutes! Best of all, it was completely free!

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