How to Quickly Find Mailchimp API Keys and List ID

What and Where is the API Key in Mailchimp?

An API key or application programming interface key is a unique code sent from Mailchimp to other applications. The API Key provides authentication and is an essential part of digital security. For example, you may need an API key to connect to a WordPress plugin.

Do you know what it is and where it is located in Mailchimp?

Mailchimp API Keys are located under your Account Profile. Click on Extras, then select API Keys. Mailchimp API keys provide access to your Mailchimp account. It is good practice to keep your keys secure and to create a new one for each application. If the Key gets compromised, you can instantly turn it off, remove it and create a new one.

For example, I have two different API Keys for two WordPress plugins. To label your Key, click inside the label, and type in your API Key name. I don’t believe there is a limit on how many you can create.

Learn more about Mailchimp API Keys and how to keep them secure.

Audience List ID

In some cases, for applications like page builders, CRMs, Funnel builders, and other integrations, you may need to provide an Audience List-ID instead of an API key.

To obtain your audience list ID go to your audience dashboard; from the dropdown on the right of the page, click Settings. From the Settings page, click Audience name and defaults. To the right of the page, you’ll see your audience ID in a particular character font.

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