Cyfe – The All in One Business Dashboard

Cyfe is an all in one dashboard for your business that connects to tens of different data connections.

If you’re like me and you find yourself logging in and out of multiple websites, searching for at data, observing analytics, watching social media, maintaining your invoicing and your accounting software.  You have multiple tabs open trying to find all the data that you need on a daily basis.

Well, I think you’ll be very happy with Cyfe.  Social media, finance, Emails, and even RSS feeds from your favorite reader. All in one place! No more having to have multiple tabs open. Logging in and out of several different websites a day. Cyfe can do it all for you!

You’ll need to create an account, with the free account you get 2 dashboards with five widgets each.

However, with a free account, you won’t be able to access some of the data connections.

After logging in you’ll see a blank area. The first step is to create a dashboard. The second step is to create your widgets for that dashboard.

Cyfe widget categories are:

  • Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Custom
  • Email
  • Monitoring
  • Other
  • Sales & Finance
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Support
  • Web Analytics

There are over 80 widgets that you can put data into your dashboards.


For instance, you can connect your favorite Email Management client such as Mailchimp. To set your data connection you will need to connect your Mail Management tool by giving Cyfe permission to access your Mail account. Note: Data connections will open a pop-up window, so be sure to accept pop-ups for Cyfe.

Once connected you can select if you would want a specific mail campaign or list. Selecting list will show a chart with list growth. You can arrange the widget anywhere on your dashboard and have it be any size.

Now the other question you might have is, well this is great for me but how do I share the information and data with my team?

You can export an entire dashboard or just an individual widget. You can export the data in various formats such as PDF or CSV. Cyfe also has the ability to schedule emails. This is a great feature when you’re emailing to clients specific reports.


So I highly recommend that you check out Cyfe to increase your productivity and reporting.

Take a look and let me know what you think of Cyfe. Have you used Cyfe before?

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