How to Add a YouTube Video in MailChimp

It is easy to add a YouTube video in Mailchimp. In this video, I show you three ways to add a YouTube video. Please note: there is no way to actually embed a video in Mailchimp campaigns. However, you can embed a YouTube video (and others) in a Mailchimp landing page.

The first way is to use an image with a link and a call to action. Simply add the image block, upload the thumbnail image of your video, then add a link on your image to the video.

The second way is to use the Mailchimp Video Block that brings in the thumbnail image of the YouTube video and adds an overlay on top of the thumbnail image with a link to the video. Basically it is the first way but with fewer manual steps.

The third way is using the Video merge tag. A piece of HTML with the Mailchimp merge tag that you add to a Mailchimp Code Block in your Campaign. The merge tag adds a bit of code to your email that will display the YouTube video thumbnail in your email, which when clicked, will open the video on YouTube in a browser window.

Here is more information on adding videos to your Mailchimp campaign

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