Protect Your Twitter Privacy and Data

The last video in Protecting Your Data, Security, and Privacy on Social Networks Series focuses on Twitter Privacy and Data. As throughout this series you will similar settings to protect your data, privacy and to secure your account.

Here are a few of the settings I reviewed:

Two Factor Authentication
Mandatory! Protect yourself and your company from, at the very least, some embarrassment and, at the most, your data and email addresses connected to your accounts. Enabling authentication as a text message to your phone gives you an extra layer of protection on your account.

Privacy and Safety
As you have perhaps seen from some of my Open Source Intelligence videos, there is a lot to be gathered from Twitter data. Location, or geolocation, is the most advantageous to a person trying to do you, the principal, or your security company harm. By having this option turned on, every time you tweet you add where you are at that given moment.  If you don’t need it, turn it off! 

Personalization and Data
With personalization Twitter gives you want it thinks you want to see in your feed – to have the best experience, and Twitter delivers, but you give up your data. Spend some time here in this section to get familiar with personalization and what data Twitter obtains.

Do you have apps connected to your account? I have quite a few. As a marketer and social media manager with a security mindset, I test out a lot of apps. I sometimes forget to back into the Apps section and revoke access to apps I am no longer using. My guess is you may have a few that you’ll want to remove.

Twitter data
What data does Twitter have about you? Here you can review/edit the demographic data, interests, partnerships, and audiences that Twitter has placed you in to give you the personalization. All the information is sent to you via email. For interesting information. Worth a look.

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